Race to Recovery Now


The Angela House
The Angela House is a 4600 square foot transitional facility located in scenic Avondale. Currently, it is capable of housing 4 women in recovery from substance abuse addiction. The serene atmosphere and picturesque landscape make for the perfect environment to progress through their individual recovery process. With 4 spacious bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, a large dine-in kitchen and finished basement, there’s plenty of space for each resident to remain comfortable through their residency. And opens up the possibility of adding a few more residents in the future.

During their time at the Angela House, the women encourage each other in their efforts to change and grow. However, the 24/7 resident staff is also available to lend unconditional support and guidance throughout all aspects of the of the resident’s life. The staff and resident’s make for a unique and effective community for recovery.

The Male House

The Male House is a 3500 sq. ft. home located in the same scenic and serene environment of our Angela House in beautiful Avondale, PA. Just like the female facility, the Male House can occupy four men in recovery from substance abuse. It also gives plenty of room and comfort for the residents as they progress through their recovery.

While men and women are unique, the goals of the Male House, remain the same. The residents will work together and support each other in their efforts to improve their overall quality of life. And per our mission statement, our staff will provide unconditional support and guidance to all residents.

Race to Recovery Now Outpatient Facility
Our Outpatient Facility located at 1999 Sproul Rd. Suite 10 in Broomall, PA is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. We provide individual and group counseling and our Intensive Outpatient Facility for individuals with substance abuse. The facility is under the direction of a long time Addiction Physician. Therapy is provided by Masters Level or Licensed Counselors. For more information about our program, please visit our Program and Services Page.