Race to Recovery Now



Our Mission
To provide recovery services and support people recovering from substance abuse addiction, thereby promoting the social welfare, combating community deterioration, and lessening the burdens of government.

Our Promise
To provide our residents and their families with the necessary services and support system to allow for progression through their individual recovery process while they develop the skills to not only survive but thrive within the community.

Our Principles

  • To achieve success in recovery, the individual must take an active role in the creation of their own plan for recovery and assist in determining goals, defining areas of concern and embracing methods and skills for improvement.

  • To work with families not just provide recovery based education. Families both living with and interacting with individuals in the recovery process have so much more impact on success than a professional ever will, both positively and negatively
  • To provide an effective, nonjudgmental, nonthreatening support system and environment is vital to an individual’s progression.


Our Values
Our mission and promise can best be fulfilled by:

• Respecting the rights of all individuals including house members, their families, our coworkers and support staff.

• Managing the needs and desires of all our members and their families to the best of our ability.

• Being a service to and enriching our community

• Maintaining our professional and financial integrity at all times.

Our Beliefs
• Recovery is a process which may continuously evolve over time.

• Any plan for recovery must be developed for each individual.

• Any plan for recovery must adapt with individual progress and success.

• The recovery process must be able to sustain the stresses of society.

• Addiction is a chronic, non-discriminatory disease which progresses over time and if not treated may become fatal for any individual.

• Individuals who seek our help deserve to be treated with the respect, decency, and compassion of our own family members.

• As a nonprofit, community-based charitable organization, we should provide assessment, treatment, and/or referral services to all who seek us out, and at the same time be cognizant of our social, corporate, and fiscal responsibilities.

• Part of our responsibility is to seek charitable donations and other resources to help provide for any services or needs of our members.

• Personal growth is a vital aspect of recovery therefore we will provide our members with the necessary tools needed to advance in areas of education, employment and social skills.

• Spirituality may also be a vital aspect of recovery for some of our members, therefore we will respect all religious beliefs as well as help our members seek out any pertinent spiritual guidance.

• A positive and serene community environment is a vital aspect of recovery, therefore we provide our members with a large, picturesque, vibrant dwelling in which any individual would be proud to inhabit.

• Competent, energetic, upbeat clinical and support staffs are a vital aspect of recovery as they take on the multiple roles of leader, medical provider, emotional healer, authority figure, role model and companion, therefore we will provide them with ongoing support and enrichment to ensure our members receive optimal service.

• Quality assurance and improvement entails continuing education and training for our Board and staff, as well as an accurate, objective review of our program content and outcomes.

Privacy Statement
As a general statement on policy regarding member privacy, we cannot legally, nor do we choose to, respond to any inquiry which requires to either confirm or deny admission of any person as a past or present member.

Photo Policy
As an organizational standard, we hold the privacy of our members, past or present, in the highest regard. Any private setting photos or videos on this website which may contain past house members was done so with their knowledge and consent. In the case of public events, any unidentifiable individuals may be employees, volunteers, or random persons. While participation at such events implies the possibility of photography, all former house members are informed of such and their consent is sought prior to the use of any photos to the best of our ability. Our organization would not knowingly publish photos without taking necessary cautions to ensure the privacy of all former members and would not knowingly publish photos of current members.