Race to Recovery Now


The Process

The process begins with you. By choosing recovery NOW our Team will begin working with the participant in their own residence or while the individual is in Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation. At this point the Recovery Support Service Team will begin assessing the individual needs of the participant in order to develop their individual plan for recovery.

The Individual Recovery Plan (IRP)
Within 48 hours upon arrival to one of our facilities a unique plan for recovery is developed with each participant which will be designed to meet their individual needs, desires, and goal. The Plan is dynamic because as each person progresses through their personal journey of recovery it continuously evolves along with their development and success since what was effective supports upon initial assessment may no longer be relevant or beneficial.

Recovery Support Services (RSS)
As one of our core principles, we believe for a successful recovery it is necessary to provide our participants with the necessary services and support to allow them to eventually thrive in the community. Our Recovery Support Services are designed to facilitate these principles by using a wide array of supports and interventions which are developed within each person’s IRP.

RSS will consist of the following

• Transportation
• Medication Control
• Peer Support
• Medical Evaluation
• Individual and Group Therapy
• 24/7 Resident Program
• Intensive Outpatient Program
• Mentorship
• Behavior Modification Skills
• Life Skills Development
• Coping Strategies
• Community Integration
• Self-Discipline
• Education and Employment Training
• Family Centered Treatment
• Financial Accountability

Recovery Support Service Professionals (RSSP)
Each participant will receive an assessment by our RSST in order to develop the best possible plan for success in their recovery. Once the plan is developed, they will continue to receive support from the RSST throughout their recovery process. This team includes but will not be limited to:
• Medical Addiction Doctor
• Licensed Therapist
• Facility Director
• 24/7 Residential Aides
• Peer Mentor
• Social Skill Educator
• Finance Manager
• Community Transition Coordinator
• Employment Coach

Programs and Services

Transitional Living Facility

Daily Living
At Race to Recovery NOW, we provide our house members with a clean, safe, comfortable place to live along with a beautiful, scenic, serene environment in order to progress through their recovery. Our members will never feel over-crowded as we provide plenty of living space for each individual to feel relaxed. Upon entering the home, the house members will only need to bring their clothes, toiletries, and a strong desire to work on their own recovery process. Food and drinks will be provided for the house members but they may also contribute to the house if they so choose. The members will be responsible, for the most part, for cooking the meals either as a group or individually.

Each house member will also receive weekly chores with the goal of establishing the responsibility and accountability entailed with being a part of a community. Along with their house chores, each member will be encouraged to seek employment as quickly as possible in order to assimilate back into an outside environment as well. A resident manager will be on the premises at all times to ensure safety, oversee daily operations and assist the members whenever necessary.

Upon establishing employment, house members will be permitted outside allowances and visitors but must receive clearance from the clinical team by submitting a prior request. We want our members to become an active member of the community so we encourage them to further their education during the time in the house as well and will assist them in doing so to the best of our ability.

It is important for all our house members to remember the Race to Recovery NOW team is always here to lend support and guidance. Whether the member is at their job, school or visiting family and friends, one of our team is just a phone call away if ever a time arises in which they need us. There is absolutely no drug or alcohol use at any of the Race to Recovery NOW houses by members or staff. We also reserve the right to search members when they arrive back to the house after a visitation.
It is our goal to provide a supportive and therapeutic atmosphere for those in the early stages of their recovery process. By living with others at various stages of the recovery process, newer house members can learn the skills needed to advance their own journey as they become productive members of the community both at the house and beyond.

For more details about life inside one of the Race to Recovery NOW houses, please visit the Locations page of this site.

Education as a part of Recovery
At Race to Recovery NOW, we believe education can be a vital part of one’s recovery process, therefore we encourage our participants to seek advancement in whatever stage of education they may be. We will provide our house members with the tools and knowledge to do so by supplying them with access to experts in the education field and any moral support they need to go along with the RSS we supply to each individual.

Employment as a part of Recovery
As previously stated, at Race to Recovery NOW, we expect all our participants to seek employment as quickly as possible so they may begin to adapt their recovery process to an outside environment. We will assist our members in their search by supplying them with supportive services such as skills development, interview technique and resume building as well as provide them access to an Employment coach.


Strive 2 Thrive Resident Program
The Strive 2 Thrive Resident Program is a phase program designed to the individual needs, abilities and goals of the resident. As the resident progresses through each phase the goals and objectives will enhance as well. What was once a goal in phase 1, will become an expectation by phase 2. As the resident begins to earn trust, they will earn privileges and rewards for their efforts.

Our goal is to build a plan of action with the help of the resident which defines the areas of improvement not just for their recovery but in all aspects of life. Strive 2 Thrive will supply the resident with the necessary skills and tools to allow them to grow in their recovery, interpersonal relationships, vocation, education, life management, and community awareness. By the end of the 6-12 month program, the resident will be able to handle their recovery as well as their daily life and obligations. Strive 2 Thrive is the integral program in supporting our residents in not just surviving but thriving in the community.


Intensive Outpatient Program
Individuals who require in-depth support and treatment for substance abuse can attend our Intensive Outpatient Program. This unique program consisting of 3 hours a day for 3 days a week is combination of physiological rehab training, individual and group counseling and skills lectures. The typical length for treatment is 6-8 weeks; however it varies to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our method for treatments entails not just an understanding of the negative causes and effects of substance abuse but also the skills to improve emotional intelligence and overall quality of life. In doing so, the individual will develop specific skills to improve one or all - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness & relationship management - impacts functionally to improve judgment & decision making. Our functional approach, "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR INDEPENDENCE" or your ability to perform & self-direct all the skills, routine & activity patterns that make up your life. The Intensive Outpatient Program enables the individual to seek comprehensive treatment for substance abuse while continuing to go to school, work and take care of your family and other responsibilities. The Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse is available through the Race to Recovery Now Outpatient Facility in Broomall, PA.

The Intensive Outpatient Program consists of the following:

• Group counseling sessions

• Individual Treatment Plan

• Emotional Intelligence Curriculum: Two Competencies & Four Skills: Personal competence is about improving how you understand and manage yourself; and social competence about listening so other people will talk and talking so that other people will listen. The four skills are broken down into self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

• Two times per week lactate /physical strength conditioning.

• Journaling to increase emotional intelligence and expand emotional vocabulary

• Training for nightly & on-the-go resonant frequency breathing exercises

• Emotionally Intelligent Relationships. Deepening the connection with parents and loved ones.

• Structure for returning to work/school

• Taking ownership and personal responsibility for one’s independence. Self-regulation and deliberate thought are examples of mental work!

• Real time, data driven, evidence and skills based treatment and follow up care.

• Create aftercare to include outpatient therapy and psychiatry if indicated.

• Case management weekly (individual and family therapy as needed)

For a free assessment to determine if you or your loved one requires this level of care please call our admissions office at (610) 325-0500 or fill out an online admissions form.